Domnic is an employee at Strategic Empowerment Program Organization working as Care Taker/Security. He cleared his primary school in 1999 and later went to work with Bamburi Cement as a casual worker in 2001. Domnic as also worked in Kengen in Naivasha where he learnt the experience of piping. 

In 2005, he worked in Mombasa Wellcom where his immediate duties were loading, offloading and transit of goods to various places in Kenya. Thereafter he went for Motor Mechanical Training in Kapkatet. 

Domnic is a resident in Kinasia Lower in East Kano Location. 

Duties include, taking good care of various and many seedlings in the compound is his priority. Maintaining the property of SEP, cleaning and repair work. Overseeing surveillance
, preparing rooms for meetings and events
, Monitoring lighting systems in SEP buildings and accepting deliveries.