Community Resource Centre

The Need for a Resource Centre in the Region

During the PRA held at the Chiefs Camp in East Kano Location, it was pointed out that one of the obstacles hampering the success of the plans in the region was the lack of information and materials on HIV/AIDS care since there was no resoure centre in the whole location. The location comprises two sub - locations with a total population of 11,223 people; and prevalance of HIV/AIDS  infections of 30%. Where as all the two sub - locations have not established training institution on HIV/AIDS, It was noted that accessing teaching materials for HIV/AIDS care was difficult and a common problem. The nearest centres which have resource centres and can be used as a source of obtaining teaching materials are Tuungane Youth Centre in Ahero which is about 20km from East Kano location. Other teaching materials can be obtained from MOH based in Ahero. 

The workshop concluded that Human resource development at all levels was the biggest challenge in the location and that the current number of Social Workers, and trained personnal on HIV/AIDS needed to be established for the region to provide the necessary information and teachings. 

The workshop agreed that the Resource centre be established in East Kano Location.

Justification for establishing the Resource Centre in East Kano Location

Strategic Empowerment program has recently been registered as a CBO in Kenya under the department of Gender and Social Development which envisions the community of East Kano Location to have reversed the spread of HIV/AIDS and to have support systems for those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. With a mission to provide quality of care, education and support for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

SEP has no administrative block or office rooms in East Kano location. In terms of  human resource there is 1(one) full time Program Manager. The Program manager available at the Organization is responsible for planning most of the HIV/AIDS programmes in primary schools and will also be responsible for organising the setting up of thr resource centre.

The people Living With HIV/AIDS will use the centre once established for their meetings, training and other activities.

Current Financial Support

The community Based Organisation is getting support from individuals and the sales of tailoring products which is one of the on-going activities for the Organisation. Other links are yet to be established with International Organisation and the MOH.                                                       


To function as a fully operational resource center for the location and assist in achieving the goals through provision of teaching materials and resources for HIV/AIDS care.


  • Provide statistical information on HIV/AIDS and other related diseases in the region.
  • provde training and teaching resouces for primarya and secondary schools HIV/AIDS care workers. 
  • Use the resource centre as a source of information for the community members.
  • Use the resource centre as a venue for conducting short courses on HIV/AIDS and other related diseases.
  • Use the centre as a link to other training institutions in HIV/AIDS care in the nearby Regions and beyond.
  • Link with MOH and act as a subsidiary in providing information and materials available at  MOH.

The plan

The project to establish a resouce centre will run for some years as a funded project but after that it will be possible for the Resource centre to generate some funds and partially support itself. The resource centre will concentrate on developing and keeping materials on aspects on HIV/AIDS care; Psychological Counselling; HTC (HIV Testing & Counselling) and teaching.

The land to be used for constructing a resource centre is on a process of being identified in East Kano Location.

Once the resource Centre has been estsablished, SEP will be asking for technical assitance and for some donations of teaching and learning materials for the community to have access. Once the materials have arrived; there will be aseries of sesitization activities in the entire East Kano Location. Afull time assistance will be employed to mind the centre. He/she will be involved in administrative duties and also for setting up information and technology (IT) required. The resource centre will be equiped with journals, books videos, CD”s, a computer for internet and telephone line. a television set and a DVD/video player, Counselling rooms, Hall and stand alone HTC Centre also will be at Resource centre.

The internet will be used to link the centre to some websites which can provide some learning and teaching materials. The Hall will used by the support groups to hold their meetings and also to be taught how to live positevely, etc.

Activities to be carried before and after establishing a Resource Centre

  • Identifying, purchase land and it’s location
  • Fencing
  • Construct a Resource Centre
  • Communication with variuos donors 
  • Purchasing IT equipment 
  • Start using the centre 
  • Start conducting trainings
  • Purchasing and centre equipped with materials
  • Employ centre assistant 
  • Monitoring Evaluation of project

Outcome and beneficiaries

The outcome and benefits of the resource centre as outlined below;

  • The resource centre will act as a readily available source of infomation for HIV/AIDS care related activities in the East Kano Location.
  • The centre will help in storing records of HIV/AIDS research done in the region and make those records readily available for people doing research.
  • The centre will help in developing standard protocols for the HIV/AIDS materials needed in he region and also in developing protocols/guidelines for prevention and treatment/care relating HIV/AIDS condition.
  • The centre will be used as aplace for Human resource deveopment for HIV/AIDS care workers in the region.


The following things need to be put in place/bought for the resource centre to be established

  • Land
  • fence
  • Administration Block (Building)
  • Training costs
  • Internet
  • Books
  • Computer 
  • Printer 
  • Telephone
  • Stationery
  • Videos dvds,cds
  • desk, table, bench
  • Projector
  • Salary for the centre assistant 


It is expected that by the end of the first year of operation, the centre will have started generating local resources, The potential sources of income will include the following;

  • Local donors (banks, charity Organisation)
  • Hiring of hall and chairs by other organisation
  • Funded short courses where participants or donor pays
  • Support from the National Aids council and its affiliate sponsors
  • Funds from other Income Generating activities (Tree nurseries,tailoring,carpentry,e.t.c)