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Erick Ogongo

Erick Ogongo is one of the leading bamboo experts in Kenya. He was trained by Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO) in Kenya and International Network for Bamboo and Rattan(INBAR) in China. 

Erick has extensive training and experience in all aspects of working with bamboo from growing, harvesting, processing, crafts and house construction. 

Erick worked with KEFRI before moving on to the Tobacco to Bamboo Project. This is an initiative designed to encourage farmers to use bamboo for economic development and environmental protection and to explore the advantages of bamboo in the African economy and ecology. 

Erick trains farmers all over the country in bamboo cultivation, and he also trains artisan and builders in working with bamboo. 

Erick is one of the leaders in Green building with bamboo in Kenya and the Marketing Executive of the South Nyanza Bamboo Society. 

We are pleased and proud to have Erick Ogongo as our main instructor in the Bamboo Crafts and Building Course in August 2013.