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By making a much needed donation today you will join SEP in our work to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS and find the solutions we need to provide quality of care, education and support for those living with HIV/AIDS

When you make a donation on a loved one's behalf, you are getting two smiles for the price of one. 

Your friend, loved one, family member or even work colleague receives a truly meaningful gift with an eCard, 
and it also benefits someone or many people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya. 

You see, SEP is funded entirely by donations, so every gift you make through our gift shop has an impact on the life of someone who really needs your help.

How does it work?

Well, we certainly don't pack up a tree, bottle sunshine, nor ask our volunteers to perform a rain dance!  Your gift is a donation towards SEP work and we use it to take action to tackle HIV/AIDS in Kenya.  

To purchase a donation gift it's simply a matter of
 4 easy steps:

Step 1. Have a read below, choose the gift you would like to purchase and click 'Buy Now' under that specific item to pay with credit card. 

Step 2.
 You will be taken to a secure site and asked to complete your purchase by entering in your payment details.

Step 3.
 Once you have entered your payment details correctly you will then be shown the options for sending your eCard. Here you can even add in your very own personalised message - and fill in your recipients details e.g. their name, email address, even a specified date you wish it to be sent such as their birthday.

Step 4.
 Your friend or loved one receives an eCard on the date specified by you, with your personalised message added, and the knowledge that the gift made on their behalf is making a positive difference in our world.
*Note a notification email is also sent to your specified email address the same date the recipient is sent their eCard.

Can I buy one for myself?
Can a girl buy herself jewels? Can a bloke buy himself whatever he wants?
Of course you can. SEP's eCards are beautiful (as you can see when you scroll below), and it's a wonderful way to give yourself a feel good boost in knowing that your money is being well spent going towards positively affecting an individual, a family or a community who really need it.

Can I purchase a gift through other payment methods?
Certainly! Apart from credit card, SEP accepts payment via cheque/money order, BPAY® via your financial institution’s internet or phone banking, and electronic funds transfer. 
To purchase a gift through one of these payment options please contact us at and our team will respond promptly to help you with your purchase. 

See the full range of gifts below and please buy one today!


See our beautiful, bright eCard examples below: 
(With a place for you to include your own personalised message)