Interview with Alex Ochogo

If it were not for S.E.P I wonder where I would be now. I had reached a point where I was almost giving up hope. Too much responsibilities put on me, with my ill health, feeding two wives with seven children with no proper income. It wasn't easy for me.


“When S.E.P was well established and the offices built on the ground they had a vacancy for a caretaker and it would be an added advantage to any applicant who came from a support group that they were already in partnership with.

 I applied for the vacancy and was lucky to be selected. I grabbed the job and was determined to do my very best at i

Alex is now living a positive life and has planted lots of Moringa in his home because of its nutritional value. He terms S.E.P as a peoples organisation that has come to enlighten and empower the community members.  He now lives happily and can afford to place a meal on his table.
t. It was a nice feeling.

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