Sare Primary School

Sare Primary School is located in Kisumu county, Nyando district, Nyando constituency, Nyando division. East Kano location, Katolo sub location and Sare village. The School got its name as SARE  from the name of Sare river, which is still a great community river serving the villagers in its locality, Sare community as known as JOSARE whether - Kaloo, Kochola or Karabok / Guya.

Strategic Empowerment Program has been in partnership with Sare Primary School since 2013 and they trained the pupils on permaculture that has also improved their production in the farm even with the mixed farming being practised. Sare Primary School fraternity appreciates the partnership and is glad there are lots of positive things being witnessed both at their school and S.E.P Community Resource Centre.

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