HIV Testing and Counseling

For over 20 years, client-initiated HIV testing and counselling, also known as voluntary counselling and testing (VCT), has helped millions of people learn their HIV status. Nevertheless, global coverage of HIV testing and counselling programmes remains low. Efforts are urgently needed to increase the provision of HIV testing in East Kano through a wider range of effective and safe options. 

In 2007, WHO and UNAIDS issued guidance on provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in health facilities to support increased uptake and improve access to HIV prevention, treatment and care. HIV counselling and testing is a critical entry point to life-sustaining care for people with HIV, a key element of SEP's plan to assist the HIV community in East Kano.

SEP work on VCT currently supports local Health Institutions by linking them with larger service providers and helping those infected find free ARV clinics locally.